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Two inspirational students from Wixams Academy are holding a fundraising fete on Sunday (26 June) to raise funds and awareness of period poverty.

Emma Chamberlain and Naima Khanom have set up the event as part of their bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Award activities and have partnered with local charity Caring for Humanity.

Throughout the year, the girls have organised fundraisers for the charity, but this is their biggest to date.

“We first became aware of period poverty when we realised how lucky we are to have such seemingly basic necessities such as paracetamol and pads that we take for granted,” said Emma.

“We created our campaign ‘Stand Up For Women’ to raise awareness of period poverty.”

Period poverty describes the inadequate access to crucial menstrual hygiene products that women and girls throughout the world face.

In the UK alone, one in seven young women has struggled to afford these essential products. Not having access to sanitary products can pose health threats, as well as having to miss school or work for inconveniences.

“Such crucial hygienic products make our lives easier, to the point in which we cannot endure our periods without them,” said Naima.

“That’s why we have decided to step up to make a change. Period poverty is not nearly talked about enough nor gets enough recognition.”

The fundraising fete will take place at Lakeview Village Hall, Wixams on Sunday 26 June from 1pm until 4pm. There will be stalls offering henna tattoos, food and drink, as well as books and gifts and a tombola.

“We hope that lots of people come along and that we can raise as much money as possible for those in need, struggling with something that they cannot control,” said Emma.