Assalamu-alaikum dear brothers and sisters, Welcome to our website: Caring For Humanity, a UK based and UK registered charity which has been helping people in Bangladesh and around many other countries since 2019. Please donate your gift and be a part of it.

Eid Food Distribution

Eid is a happy moment for all muslim. Help those who are not able to enjoy their EID due to lack of enough food.

Eid Clothes Distribution

Eid is a happy moment for all muslim. Help those who are not able to enjoy their EID due to lack of enough new clothes. 

School Stationary Distribution

Help students who are not able to go to school due to the lack of school stationary items. 

Winter clothes distribution

Help those who do not have winter clothes. Let us make their life warm and cold-free

Period Proverty Distribution

Help women who lacks sanitary products and leading a unhygenic life. 

Young volunteers of Caring for Humanity, Naima Khanom and Emma Chamberlain won the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire’s Award for “Young Persons Citizenship Award”.

Both girls have worked hard across 2022 to raise over £2000 pounds for charitable causes such as period poverty, winter blankets and school supplies. Naima and Emma volunteer weekly to plan, market and execute their fundraising efforts, all for the sake of charity. A great big well done to Naima and Emma and thank you to Lady Clifford for honouring these lovely, hardworking girls.


Caring for Humanity was founded in 2017 and registered as a Charity in 2019 with the belief that every individual can build a happy, healthy life and be lifted from destitution. Caring For Humanity works to support all individuals – varying between children and adults within third world countries as well as individuals struggling to make ends meet for daily necessities. Caring For Humanity works alongside adults and children to create an equal chance of a positive lifestyle. We enable trustees, communities and participants to be united and support individuals all around the world.



We respect each unique situation, celebrating all variations within experiences, needs and requirements. We work hard to ensure that all individual’s voices are heard, that their needs are prioritised. We have built an organisation that reflects dignity, integrity and above all, respect. There is no greater cause than to work for individuals to access their rights and leave their mark on the world to build a brighter future for us all.

Registered Charity Number: 1186786


Help children who are in need of food, educational equipment, and medical aids.


Help poor people who are in need of your help.


Contribute to the community, improve health, livelihood, education and agriculture. 

Help who need the most

If you don’t know where to donate, then this option is for you. Donate here and let us allocate your donation to whose who needs most. 

News and updates
Keeping people warm in Christmas

Keeping people warm in Christmas

We would to thank our young volunteers, Naima and Emma for raising around £600 by completing a cake sale and Tombola in Wixams academy, this money has been raised for keeping people warm this winter; pictures and videos will be uploaded on to the website once the...