Assalamu-alaikum dear brothers and sisters, Welcome to our website: Caring For Humanity, a UK based and UK registered charity which has been helping people in Bangladesh and around many other countries since 2019. Please donate your gift and be a part of it.

OUR aim

The charity will be working to provide prospective recipients with stable access to education so they have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills, which will allow them to pursue a development of a career.

Facilities to promote sanitation will be provided such as female sanitary products will be available to individuals.

There will be medical facilities accessible to individuals in need to protect the public from infections and illnesses, this will be a form of promoting infection control and prevention.

Water facilities will be built in countries abroad, for example a water pump for every 10-15 household in Bangladesh. This will allow individuals to access safe, clean drinking water to prevent waterborne illness from spreading within a community.

Shelters will be organised to provide recipients with safe and secure accommodation to reduce the homelessness.

Hot meals will be another service provided by the organisation to ensure that individuals access safe, clean hot meals, preventing any spread of contamination or foodborne illness.

Clothing will be provided by the organisation to ensure that individuals are able to access clean clothes to keep the warm and protected. For example, there will be winter clothes such as blankets, jumpers, appropriate footwear provided.

There will be materials associated with family planning provided such as contraception to promote protection from sexually transmitted infections or diseases. This can effectively reduce medical costs for individuals.