Assalamu-alaikum dear brothers and sisters, Welcome to our website: Caring For Humanity, a UK based and UK registered charity which has been helping people in Bangladesh and around many other countries since 2019. Please donate your gift and be a part of it.

UK registered charity, Caring For Humanity (Charity Registration Number: 1186786), hosted a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for period poverty within Bangladesh. The “Stand Up For Women!” fundraiser was held in Lakeview Village Hall in Wixams, Bedford; the charity raised a mind blowing £860.97, the entirety of the raised amount will be donated to provide sanitary products, essentials such as painkillers and meal packages for vulnerable women in Bangladesh.

There were various stalls distributed within the Lakeview Village Hall:

  • Cupcakes
  • Indian food
  • Baby clothes
  • Henna
  • Baubles
  • Crystals
  • Fashion jewelry items
  • Resin gifts
  • Woodwork
  • Books
  • Candy floss
    All of the stalls and the stall holders made a huge impact on making the fundraiser complete success. Kempston Town Councilor, Mr. Ali Akbar, donated a fantastic £100.00 to the cause to show his support in tackling period poverty. Sharon & Little L’s Lovely Little Goodies donated a wonderful £120.00 to support the cause!

This fantastic concept of the fundraiser was brought together by two 13-year-olds from Wixams Academy, Naima Khanom and Emma Chamberlain. They both brought together this idea of standing up for women and tackling period poverty in less fortunate countries. How both of these girls have displayed and proven that the youth of today could make a huge impact to protect the vulnerable youth and the wellbeing of the struggling people of the future.

There is a certain taboo around this topic of period poverty as it is not well spoken about and nor is it well provided for. When people think of charity, there mind does not go towards period poverty instead they think of other issues such as food shortages or shelter shortages, therefore issues such as period poverty, which also affects a large amount of people, goes amiss and is not tackled to the best they can be. Caring For Humanity has taken a stand to tackle this issue and bring awareness of period poverty as well as the struggles that women and young girls may face in today’s world.

This is one of many fundraisers/distributors which Caring for Humanity has completed. In early June 2022, previously mentioned 13 year old’s Naima and Emma partnered up with Caring for Humanity and completed a fundraiser for Ukraine in which they raised over £200 by hosting a Tombola at Wixams Academy; these funds were used to support Ukrainian families who are struggling due to the ongoing war by Russia against Ukraine. Naima and Emma had also completed a book sale in Great Denham primary school in which they raised £102.60, The proceeds for this Books sale were used to purchase stationary and school equipment for children in Bangladesh. Caring For Humanity has also completed various distribution such as meal packages and winter blankets, further information can be found on our website: