Assalamu-alaikum dear brothers and sisters, Welcome to our website: Caring For Humanity, a UK based and UK registered charity which has been helping people in Bangladesh and around many other countries since 2019. Please donate your gift and be a part of it.

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A charity trusted by thousands since 2019

Caring for Humanity was founded in 2017 and registered as a Charity in 2019 with the belief that every individual can build a happy, healthy life and be lifted from destitution. Caring For Humanity works to support all individuals – varying between children and adults within third world countries as well as individuals struggling to make ends meet for daily necessities. Caring For Humanity works alongside adults and children to create an equal chance of a positive lifestyle. We enable trustees, communities and participants to be united and support individuals all around the world.

We respect each unique situation, celebrating all variations within experiences, needs and requirements. We work hard to ensure that all individual’s voices are heard, that their needs are prioritised. We have built an organisation that reflects dignity, integrity and above all, respect. There is no greater cause than to work for individuals to access their rights and leave their mark on the world to build a brighter future for us all.

Registered Charity Number: 1186786

Our Values

All individuals are entitled to their rights, we aim to pave a way for them to rightfully to access their rights. We aim to raise funds to provide individuals with access to clean water, food, shelter, education and sanitary products. Every individual is unique from another therefore we aim to tailor services that are suitable for every individual’s needs and preferences.

Our core values include having compassion and justice, we work to seek a fair solution for every individual.

Respect: We respect and celebrate that each and every individual is unique with their own experiences, needs and requirements. We will respect and treat all individuals (including partners, participants and recipients) with priority.

Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and the long-term charitable outcomes of the service provided by Caring For Humanity. We cherish the commitments we make to our recipients and will ensure that all services are delivered with effective care and accountability.

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Ebenezer House, First Floor (Suite 2-A), 2-10 St Johns Street Bedford, MK42 ODH, United Kingdom

020 3343 6354

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